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NOTES: For simplicity, numbers of very large or very small magnitude, appearing in some documents on this site, may be written using the floating-point notation of FORTRAN and C. For example, 56e15 means the same thing as 56000000000000000, 5.6*10^16, 5.6·10^16, 5.6e16, 5.6·1016, 5.6×1016, etc. However, in some bibliographic references, such a number may be rendered in TeX style, thus: $5.6 \times 10^{16}$. Also, the default on this site is that K and KB equal 1000 bytes; M and MB equal 1000000 bytes; G and GB equal 1000000000 bytes, etc. The FORTRAN/COBOL notation 2**64 (rather than 2^64) is also preferred; see here for a discussion.


Code written primarily in GNU C, and distributed asynchronously across available personal computers running under extended DOS, Windows, and GNU/Linux, is employed to enumerate primes, prime gaps, prime constellations (twins, triplets, and quadruplets) and their reciprocal sums (to extrapolate estimates for the corresponding Brun's constants). Some related computational results obtained by other researchers are also reported here.

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For most of the period from 1977 to 1995, I carried out design and development for the football simulation board games Paydirt (pro) and Bowl Bound (college), produced and distributed commercially by Avalon Hill Game Company (Baltimore, Maryland) and Sports Illustrated Enterprises. Commercial support of these games was suspended in April, 1995, and I retired from development in February, 1996. Avalon Hill Game Company was later acquired by Hasbro, Inc., and commercial design, production, and distribution of both games was suspended indefinitely. It appears that Hasbro retains the rights to both games at this time.

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Martin Raab has discovered a new first (and largest) known occurrence prime gap of measure G=6582144 following the 216841-digit prime P1=499973#/30030 - 4509212 (where 499973# indicates the product of all primes from 2 through 499973 inclusive). This gap was first reported by Raab on 01 July 2017. The endpoints have passed the strong BPSW test (Nicely, 04 September 2017) for probabilistic primality. All the interior integers have been demonstrated composite (18 August 2017) by ATH on the Mersenne Forum. A test for deterministic certification of primality is at present out of the question. The gap has merit M=13.182884.


The Gapcoin network (Jonnie Frey, developer), a Bitcoin derivative which employs a hashing algorithm to search for prime gaps of high merit, has discovered a new prime gap of maximum known merit, a gap of G=8350 following the 87-digit prime P1=293703234068022590158723766104419463425709075574811762098588798217895728858676728143227. The merit M=G/ln(P1) of this gap is M=41.93878373153988, the largest merit of any known prime gap, and the first prime gap to be discovered with a merit exceeding 40. The endpoints of the gap have been certified as primes deterministically, using the Akiyama-Kida-O'Hara UBASIC implementation (1988-1992) of the APRCL2 test, due to Adleman, Pomerance, Rumely, Cohen, H. W. Lenstra, and A. K. Lenstra (1984-1987).

However, Bertil Nyman's maximal gap of 1132, following the prime 1693182318746371 (discovered 24 January 1999), continues to exhibit the greatest known value (0.92063858855742) of the Cramér-Shanks-Granville ratio G/ln²(p_1); this ratio is 0.210642105494715467 for the new Gapcoin gap. The limit superior of this ratio has been conjectured to be unity (or some even larger value); see the discussion in "New prime gaps between 1e15 and 5e16".

Thanks to Dana Jacobsen for alerting me to the discovery of this gap.

On 08 May 2019, Robert W. Smith discovered a new first known occurrence prime gap of 203890 following the 2485-digit prime 140207*5813#/46410 - 86644. This gap has merit 35.640174363, the greatest merit for any known prime gap exceeding 26892. On 08 July 2019, Smith also discovered a new first known occurrence prime gap of 614640 following the 10004-digit prime 281*23173#/46410 - 267338. This gap has merit 26.6845515588753865, the greatest merit for any known prime gap exceeding 556982. An extended table of previous such gaps, due to Robert W. Smith and axn, is available on the Mersenne PGS forum.


As a result of the continuing extension of the upper bound of exhaustive scans for prime gaps, the first known occurrence prime gaps of 1530 and 1550, following respectively the primes 17678654157568189057 and 18361375334787046697, and discovered respectively 19 April 2014 and 13 July 2014 by the late Dr. Bertil Nyman, have now been confirmed (13 August 2018) as first occurrence prime gaps and maximal prime gaps. Nyman's maximal prime gap of 1550 is the largest maximal prime gap presently known.

The merit of Nyman's new maximal prime gap G=1550 is M=34.9439.


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