DJGPP 2.04 beta

Thomas R. Nicely
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Last updated 2300 EDT 30 April 2007. Original posting 0030 EDT 5 April 2007.

After many wrong turns, I have managed to locate, download, and install the latest available (as far as I know) beta version of DJ Delorie's DJGPP development environment. This is the 30 November 2003 build of the DJGPP 2.04 beta, installed with the DJGPP ports of GCC 4.12 (GNU release 13 February 2007, port release 31 March 2007) and GMP 4.12 (ports posted 3 January 2003).

The base directory is . I chose to download the following files, locations shown relative to the base directory:

unzip32.exe    /current   /beta/v2    /beta/v2gnu    /beta/v2gnu    /beta/v2gnu    /current/v2gnu    /current/v2gnu     /beta/v2gnu     /beta/v2gnu     /beta/v2apps    /current/v2

Create a directory c:\djgpp (if you already have one for DJGPP 2.03, rename it DJGPP203 or delete it; the files should not be mixed). Unzip the zipfiles (using unzip32.exe) into c:\djgpp, preserving the directory structures and long file names (with exceptions as explained in the DJGPP documentation). The unzip32.exe utility can be placed in the c:\djgpp\bin directory, or in another utility directory in your path (e.g., c:\windows). These instructions are only rough guides; see the file README.1ST in the DJGPP root directory for detailed instructions and additional information.

The above does not include sources, the utilities for emulating UNIX shells and utilities (needed for building packages such as GCC or GMP from source), or cross-compilers; these are available elsewhere under . You will have to decide, based on the needs for your own development environment, exactly which archives to download and install.