New Media Workshops


Fall 2009

English 111

Writing Project#1 & Writing Project #2

English 203

English 345

Summer 2009

English 202: Monsters in Literature and Culture

Spring 2009

English 112

Fall 2008

English 111

English 203

English 645

      **Argument Analysis Handout**  

Selected Syllabi and Assignments from previous semesters:

Fall 2007

English 111L

English 203: Expository Writing

English 606: Principles of Literary Scholarship

English 381: Rhetoric of 'Girlhood'

Spring 2007

English 112

English 345: Advanced Expository Writing

English 645: Rhetoric and Composition

Fall 2006

Honors 345A: The Literature and Rhetoric of Rebellion

English 111 W

Spring 2006

English 112

Spring 2005

English 112 P


Image Composition

Image Bank (We'll use these images for the first Photoshop workshop)

Visual Argument (You'll find your own images for this second Photophop/Viz Rhetoric workshop)

Short Course in Photoshop Buttons/Decoration


Gallery of Photoshopped Images



Image Analysis


Layout (General Principles and Exercise)

See: "Summarizing Robin Williams' 'CRAP' Principles"

Visual Design Exercise (Using the 'CRAP' principles, rank the document designs from best to worst)

Webpage Design

The Basics

Audio Essay Design

The Basics

Zine Design

The Basics



Other Courses, Projects, Resources









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