Making a Zine (a booklet) Using Publisher

Making a "comp-zine" (a compilation zine, which gathers together several individual contributions of related writing) first and foremost entails planning:

Much of what you have to learn about layout you can learn from:

Today....we just want to focus on how getting familiar with some of the tools in Publisher.

  1. Choosing a template to adapt

2. Inserting Text (already written; don't compose in Publisher!)

3. Inserting images (already composed in Photoshop; you can, however, resize in Publisher)

General Design Ideas

1. Look at samples. You're get your best ideas by looking at how other people have done something. If you find a layout on a page you like, make a quick sketch or follow me back to my office after class and make a Xerox copy.

2. It's important to balance the page, and to balance pages that face each other in the zine.

3. Don't use a "watermark" image (one with opacity set very low) if the image is so detailed that either you can't make out what it is OR it interferes with the reading of the text.

4. Sometimes, it works well to have black print on white background (the default) alternate (face a page with) white print on a black background.

5. "Bleeds" (where graphics run all the way to the edge of the paper) are interesting but sometimes difficult to make happen. "Inside bleeds" (where a graphic runs across the inside margins) are interesting (done once).

General Design Ideas

If you really like your group's zine and want to distribute it (and hear back from readers from around the country and even the world), you can send a sample of your zine to a "distro" (a distributor) and ask them if they'll carry it.

AK Distribution/ 40682 San Francisco, CA 94140

Atomic Books/ 229 W. Read St./ Baltimore, MD 21201

Mind Over Matter/ p.o. box 12247/ Portland, OR 97212

Quimby's/ 1854 W. North Ave/ Chicago, IL 60622

Shag Stamp/ p.o. box 298 / Sheffield S10 1YU/ UK

Bluestockings Books/ 172 Allen Street/ New York, New York 10002