Dr. Dickson: Workshop

Photoshop Filters to Create Buttons or Page Decoration


The general idea is that if you have access to a decent image editor don’t ever just use a plain old realistic image on a website. That’s really lame. Do something interesting. Play around a little bit. You can create interesting buttons (little images that act as hyperlinks) or just some nice graphics for a text-based page. See below for some ideas:


  1. Choose a realistic image by using Google Image Search (or if you want, you can use the lacrosse player or the Barbie on this page..scroll down). Save it to the desktop by right clicking on the image and choosing "SAVE AS"



  1. Open it in Photoshop CS (preferably)


  1. Decide what emotion you want to evoke. Do you want to make what the image conveys seem



o       Scarier? More intense?

o       Confusing?

o       Kinder and Gentler?

o       Idiotic/Ridiculous?


  1. If scarier, then you might want to Distort it and make it Black and White and experiment with other effects. For instance, try this series of steps:


 Remember: You can always got to Edit and Click STEP BACKWARD if you don't like something you've done!~


Before After



  1. If you want to convey that Barbie makes you confused, then here are some options for you:


Before After


6. If you want to make something cold look kinder and gentler, you might try these steps:


Before After

click here for a website with this image as decoration


7. If you want something to appear ridiculous, then:








After 1                                                   After 2





Barbie, Warrior Queen of the Fuyerats of Byzantanople:




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