CS375 Principles of Digital Systems


Course Instructor: Dr. Randy Ribler

Syllabus (MSWord)



Sample Tests

Sample Test I (MSWord)

Brown and Vranesic 2-2.7, 4-4.4

Sample Test II (MSWord)


Quartus Prime Lite Software

WiringPi Library

One Hz Clock

Read from shift register

Splitting Bus Pins


Making an Altera Symbol

FPGA Starter Kit User's Guide

FPGA Starter Kit Reference Manual (old board)

FPGA Starter Kit Reference Manual (new board)

Boolean Algebra from Brown and Vranesic

Wikipedia list of for 7400-series IC's

14-segment LED

Chess Move Generator FPGA

PCB123 Software

DigiKey Website

8-bit counter with reset

USB Microcontroller

Led-fpga board info