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Dr. Randy L. Ribler
Professor of Computer Science
University of Lynchburg
1501 Lakeside Drive
Lynchburg, Virginia 24501
Office: Hobbs 103
Phone: (434) 544-8529

Welcome to my homepage!


CS141 Syllabus

CS141 Intro Slides

Coin bits

CS105 Introduction to Computation

CS201 System and Network Administration

CS231 Sophomore Project

CS241 Data Structures and Algorithms

CS242 Data Structures and Algorithms

CS335 Computer Networks

CS345 Windows Programming

CS355 Computer Forensics

CS371 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming

CS375 Digital Systems

CS380 Artificial Intelligence

CS370 Database Management Systems

CS451/CS452 Senior Projects

CS493 Advanced C++

Microsoft Software Distribution for Computer Science Students (MSDNAA)

Visual Studio
Azure Dev Tools for Teaching
Office and Other Microsoft Software

After College Jobs and Internships

After College Website