CS 242 - Data Structures and Algorithms

Dr. Randy L. Ribler

Syllabus for CS242 (MSWord)


Sedgewick Section 12.5 to the end of the chapter.

Sedgewick the first part of Chapter 13, up to and including section 13.4


Test 1 Tree Solutions
Test 1 Program Solutions
Quicksort worksheet
Merge worksheet
Merge Sort worksheet
Sort Slides
Binary Quicksort worksheet
Heapsort worksheet
Shellsort worksheet
Key-indexed Counting worksheet
MSD Radix Sort worksheet

Programming Assignments

Problem 1 via bitbucket - https://ribler@bitbucket.org/randyribler/cs242problem1.git
Problem 1 via .zip
Lab 1 Notes
Addtional tests for Lab1
Lab2 - Splay and Red-Black Trees
Lab2 C# - Splay and Red-Black Trees
Lab3 - Symbol Table ADT
Lab3 header files and tests
Lab3b - Performance Tests
Sort Lab 1
Spreadsheet for Sort Lab 1
Sort Lab 2
Spreadsheet for Sort Lab 2
Sort Lab 3
Spreadsheet for Sort Lab 3


Simple Sort Homework
Insert at Root Homework Solution
Splay Homework Solution
234-Tree Homework Solution
Red-Black Tree Homework Solution
Rotation Algorithm
Splay Insertion Algorithm

Sample Tests


Towers of Hanoi

Git Downloads

Making a new Bitbucket project

Flags of the World

ACM Learning Center