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FRENCH 201-202

I. Objectives of Course:

An introduction to and an initial overview of the fundamentals of French grammar for the purpose of developing the concomitant linguistic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Successful acquisition of a foreign language requires (a) a thorough understanding of the rules of a language and (b) the practice of those rules through actual performance, i.e., your performance. We shall emphasize oral proficiency.

II. Aids to meet the above objectives: Daily Assignments

1. Chapter Assignments: Students are to study the assigned grammar units before class in order to ask questions about any part of the assignment which has not been understood. Certain exercises will be assigned by your instructor to be written out; the others for oral recitation. Your written homework is to be handed in to your instructor (even though some of the exercises may have been corrected in class). Your corrected papers will then be returned the next class.

2. Reading: Students should be prepared for the following types of activity: questions over grammar (especially verbs and pronouns), vocabulary, questions in French over the content of the reading assignment, and selected passages for translation into English.

3. Language Laboratory: In order to apply and to practice the material covered in class and to review previously covered lessons, students are required to go to the language laboratory a minimum of 5 times (25-40 minutes per session) every week. This corresponds to one Lab. Session / class session. Laboratory work on a regular basis is an integral part of this course to reinforce linguistic patterns.

III. Preparation of Homework: Students are responsible for all the material (vocabulary and grammar) found in each chapter of the text. In order to maintain a working understanding of previously presented material, an efficient note-taking procedure must be used and reviewed on a day to day basis. Each individual has a learning style unique to that individual. Please explore different learning styles, study the process as well as the content, to determine which foreign language learning strategy is most effective for you. Flash cards are my greatest gift to the greatest number but you are your own best friend for effective learning strategies - See me!!!

Course Grade: Chapter Quizzes 40%

Lab/Cahier d'exercices 20%

Final Examination 20%

Class Performance 20%

Class performance includes both preparation and accuracy of written homework assignments and oral participation, neither of which can be successfully accomplished without regular attendance (3 absences maximum. Each additional unexcused absence will lower the final grade by 3.3 points.)