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FRENCH 201-202

I. Objectives of Course:
An introduction to the fundamentals of French grammar for the purpose of developing the concomitant linguistic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Successful acquisition of a foreign language requires (a) a thorough understanding of the rules of a language and (b) the practice of those rules through actual performance, i.e., your performance. We shall emphasize oral proficiency (ACTFL oral proficiency levels ranging from Novice High (O+) to Intermediate Mid (1) should be achieved upon the completion of this language sequence).

II. Aids to meet the above objectives: Daily Assignments

1. Chapter Assignments: Students are to study the assigned grammar units before class in order to ask questions about any part of the assignment which has not been understood. Certain exercises will be assigned by your instructor to be written out; the others for oral recitation. Your written homework is to be handed in to your instructor (even though some of the exercises may have been corrected in class). Your corrected papers will then be returned the next class.

2. Reading: Students should be prepared for the following types of activity: questions over grammar (especially verbs and pronouns), vocabulary, questions in French over the content of the reading assignment, and selected passages for translation into English.

3. Language Laboratory: In order to apply and to practice the material covered in class and to review previously covered lessons, students are required to go to the language laboratory a minimum of 3 times (25-40 minutes per session) every week (a total of 30 times per semester course). Laboratory work on a regular basis is an integral part of this course.

III. Preparation of Homework: Students are responsible for all the material (vocabulary and grammar) found in each chapter of the text. In order to maintain a working understanding of previously presented material, an efficient note-taking procedure must be used and reviewed on a day to day basis.

Class performance includes both preparation and accuracy of written homework assignments and oral participation, neither of which can be successfully accomplished without regular attendance (3 absences maximum. Each additional unexcused absence will lower the final grade by 3.3 points.)


Fr. 201 A              Intermediate  French           Lynchburg College                Dr. B. Mayer     

Fall 2012        MWF 9:00 - 9:50      Telephone – 544-8447             


I.  Objectives  

     This  course is an introduction to the fundamentals of the French language    

     essential to the development of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills

     at the intermediate level.  There will be special emphasis on oral proficiency.


 II.  Materials:  Espaces 2nd edition textbook and accompanying website (Supersite)


III.  Scope  Units 11-15


IV.  Course requirements


      A.   Attendance:  Regular attendance is essential for success in the course.  A maximum

            of 3 absences are allowed with a grade reduction of 3 points on the final semester

            grade for each additional unexcused absence.  An absence due to illness will be

            excused with a doctor’s note or an email from the Health Center.  If an absence is

            due to participation in a school function, verifiable information should be provided.


B.   Make-up work:  You may not make up quizzes or tests unless your absence is

      excused as specified above.


C.   Class performance:  Success in the course requires careful preparation of assigned

      work  in advance of each class meeting and oral participation. 


      D.   Assignments:   All work must be carefully prepared before class.  On-line assignments

             will be automatically graded or evaluated by the professor. 


              Assignments are posted on the course syllabus.                


“Core Goals”

“The five overarching goals for education at Lynchburg College are to “inquire”, “explore”, “conclude”, “persuade”, and “engage”. In the French program we integrate those goals into the national guidelines that we already follow that have been established by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The ACTFL guidelines establish criteria that our students must meet in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, writing, and culture. With that in mind, our students will “inquire” through readings in the textbooks and/or online, by speaking to others in the target language, by listening to others’ responses, and in assignments that may include oral presentations or role plays, compositions, and/or test questions. Students will “explore” by using their textbooks and the Vista or other textbook supersites, and resources found in the Modern Language Resource Center (MLRC – 366 Schewel) to complete oral and written assignments. Our students will “conclude” by pulling together information from a variety of sources to complete written tests, using the ACTFL skills of listening, reading, writing, and cultural awareness. For the goal of “persuade” students will participate in oral presentations or written assignments and will use their speaking, listening and writing skills. For the final goal of “engage,” any of our oral or written assignments require students to interact with the information learned in a context that promotes a sharing of common goals. Our students will learn and assimilate for personal application all of the ACTFL abilities for speaking, listening, reading, writing, and culture germane to their competency level.



V.    Recommendations                                                                                                          


         A.   Students should regularly review notes and corrected exercises and repeat

                listening exercises.


   B.   Students should strive to use French to communicate in class to the extent



   C.  Students are encouraged to attend events relating to French language

         and culture and to practice oral skills outside class when there is an



   D.  Students should request additional help or supplementary exercises to 

         strengthen weaknesses.  Tutors are available in the language lab at no cost to

         the student.




        Chapter Tests                                                                                                        40%   


        Quizzes                                                                                                                 10%


        Homework                                                                                                             30%


        Final Exam                                                                                                            20%





     Lynchburg College is committed to providing all students equal access to learning opportunities.  The Support Services Office, located on the second floor of Hall Campus Center in Academic & Career Center, works with students who have disabilities to provide and/or arrange reasonable accommodations.  Students registered with Support Services, who have a letter requesting accommodations, are encouraged to contact the instructor with their letter as soon as possible each semester - accommodations are not retroactive.  Students who have, or think they may have, a disability (e.g. attentional, learning, vision, hearing, physical, or psychiatric) are invited to contact the Support Services Coordinator for a confidential meeting.  Call 434-544-8687 or e-mail the Coordinator at  Additional information is available at the Lynchburg College Disability Support Services website:                                                                                                                                               








French 201A                                        Syllabus                                               Fall 2012

                                                                                                                                 MWF  9:00 - 9:50


Office hours: 131 Carnegie Hall 10:00 – 11:30 M T W Th F


UNITE 11       La technologie                    


le 24 août       Vocabulaire-Le son et l'image pp.362-363.

                       Les sons et les lettres- final consonants  p. 365.


le 27 août       Lecture:  La technologie et les Français  pp. 368-369.

                       Les prépositions avec l'infinitif- pp. 370-371.


le 29 août       Verbes réfléchis réciproques- pp. 372-373.

                       Vidéo:  C'est qui, Cyberhomme? pp. 366-367.


le 31 août       Vocabulaire -En voiture  pp. 376-377.

                       Les sons et les lettres- La lettre x p. 379.


le 3 sept.          Lecture:  Les voitures françaises - pp. 382-383.

                       Vidéo:  La panne  pp. 380-381.

                       Verbes ouvrir et offrir  pp. 384-385.


le 5 sept.         Le conditionnel  pp.386-387.

                       Panorama- La Belgique   pp. 390-391.


le 7 sept.       Révision- unité 11


le 10 sept.       Test/Epreuve - Unité 11



UNITE 12       En ville          


le 12 sept.      Vocabulaire:  Les courses  pp. 398-399.  

                       Les sons et les lettres - La lettre h  p. 401.


le 14 sept.      Lecture:  Les moyens de paiement en France pp. 404-405.

                      Verbes- voir, croire, recevoir et apercevoir pp. 406-407. 


le 17 sept.     Expressions négatives et affirmatives  pp. 408-409.

                        Vidéo:  On fait des courses  pp. 402-403.


le 19 sept.    Vocabulaire- Où se trouve…? pp. 412-413.

                       Les sons et les lettres- Les majuscules et les minuscules p. 415.



le 21 sept.    Lecture:  Villes et villages français  pp. 418-419.  

                       Le futur simple  pp. 420-421


le 24 sept.     Vidéo:  Chercher son chemin  pp. 416-417.

                        Le futur- formes irrégulières  ppp. 422-423.


le 26 sept.     Panorama:  Le Québec  pp. 426-427.


le 28 septembre   Révision - unité 12


le 1er oct.        Test/Epreuve - Unité 12



UNITE 13       L'avenir et les métiers.


le 3 oct.           Vocabulaire- Au bureau pp. 434-435.

                       Les sons et les lettres- la ponctuation française p. 437.


le 5 oct.           Lecture:  Le téléphone en France pp. 440-441.

                       Le futur simple avec quand et dès que  pp. 442-443.


le 8 oct.           Vidéo:  Le bac pp. 438-439.

                       Pronom interrogatif- lequel pp. 444-445.


le 10 oct.         Quiz oral.


                                 Vacances   le 11 - 14 octobre 



le 15 oct.      Vocabulaire- Les professions  pp. 450-451.

                       Les sons et les lettres- Les néologismes et le franglais  p. 453.


le 17 oct.       Si…clauses   pp. 458-459.

                       Lecture:  Syndicats et grèves en France pp. 456-457.


le 19 oct.       Les pronoms relatifs qui, que, dont, où pp. 460-461.

                       Vidéo:  Je démissionne!  pp. 454-455.


le 22 oct.      Panorama - L'Algérie, Le Maroc, La Tunisie  pp. 464-465.


le 24 oct.      Révision- unité 13


le 26 oct.      Test - Unité 13



UNITE 14   L'espace vert                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

le 29 oct.     Vocabulaire- Sauvons la planète  pp. 472-473.

                        Les sons et les lettres- French and English spelling  p. 475.


le 31 oct.        Lecture:  L'écologie  pp. 478-479.

                      Pronoms démonstratifs  pp. 480-481.


le 2 nov.        Vidéo:  Une idée de génie  pp. 476-477.

                      Le subjonctif- partie 1 - pp. 482+483.                     


le 5 nov.         Vocabulaire- En pleine nature pp. 486-487.

                      Les sons et les lettres -homophones  p. 489.


le 7 nov.       Lecture:  Les parcs nationaux en France pp. 492-493.

                      Le subjonctif - partie 2   pp. 494-495 


le 9 nov.       Vidéo:  La randonnée  pp. 490-491. 

                      Les comparaisons et les superlatifs des noms  pp. 496-497.


le 12 nov.       Révision- unité 14


le 14 nov.       Test - Unité 14


UNITE 15      Les arts


le 16 nov.       Vocabulaire-   Que le spectacle commence  pp. 508-509.   

                       Les sons et les lettres-  les liaisons obligatoires et les liaisons interdites  p. 511.


Vacances   le 17 - 25 novembre 


le 26 nov.        Lecture:  Le théâtre, un art vivant et populaire  pp. 514-515.

                       Le subjonctif- partie 3  pp. 516-517.


le 28 nov.        Les pronoms possessifs  pp. 518-519.

                       Vidéo:  Après le concert  pp. 512-513.


le 30 nov.         Vocabulaire- Au festival d'art  pp. 524-525.

                       Les sons et les lettres- les abréviations et les sigles p. 527.


le 3 déc.         Lecture:  La peinture haïtienne  pp. 530-531.

                       Le subjonctif- partie 4  pp. 532-533.


le 5 déc.         Vidéo:  Au revoir, David   pp. 528-529.

                       Révision du subjonctif  pp. 534-535.


le 7 déc.       Panorama- Les Antilles, La Polynésie française  pp. 538-539.

                       Révision pour l’examen


le 8 au 14  déc.  L’Examen final Fr 201A = jeudi le 13 déc à 8:00 heures du matin à Hopwood 25